Dancehall Artist Alkaline Tattoos His Eyes

Pic credits to PrismMarketing

Pic credits to PrismMarketing

WHY WHY WHY *sigh* All I can do is shake my head. For whatever reason the teenage dancehall artist tattooed his eyes. In an exclusive interview with Prism Marketing the former Ardenne High graduate explained the reason behind his actions, “all great or memorable things start out as a ridiculous idea generally frown upon by society__ when Kartel bleached his skin and tattooed his body people thought he was a mad man, but look now almost everybody doing it”.

He continued, “Everybody have tattoos and bleaching so what is gonna make me any different if I follow that trend, So I started my own I decided to tattoo my eyes, no one has ever done that”

When quizzed about how people may perceive him and possible fears of going blind he added, “I’m not worried about what others think of me and I don’t think about blindness”, this was further bolstered by two quotes via his Facebook page which stated, “I take risks,I offend people, I do what i want, I say what i want …I AM ALKALINE #inna real life __ TRY NOT TO JUDGE, THERE IS MORE TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL THAN WHAT MEETS THE EYE!!!! literally”


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  1. He’s a fucking idiot is what it is. People are taking the quote “Dare to be different” to damn literally now. #EpicFail!

  2. U know dat its gonna blind u but uve don it only to receive fame an now 2014 ur partialy blind ur move ment on stage tells

  3. I think alkaline made the worst decision ever,tatoo on the eye lens will cause u to go blind within a year or three u cant tatoo the eye knowing that u r puttin ur sight in danger

  4. Davion Hamilton

    i’d like to know why people are commenting these these things about alkaline’s tattooed eye, i thought every one was born with two eyes, he decided to tattoo his, why do some many people having a problem with it, i believe that no one should be complaining about it or have a problem with it because it’s his eye, so let him do what ever he wants with his eyes..

  5. I agree with some of you but do not think HE WILL GET BLIND AND HE KNOW THAT some people do not understand of the first person that comment I agree with he is a jackass

  6. It may look stupid or weird for some of ya’ll but I think its kinda cute with with him.

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