K-OSS & The RUFF CUT Band “RAG IN A ROAD” Video (@playmakergroup)

Contributed Article by PMG – One of the most highly rated UK reggae artists in 2016, K-OSS brings his rare tone and lyrics of fire with “Rag In A Road”. After returning from an extended stay in Jamaica, this young singer/songwriter has been working in his London base, cultivating his unique style and blend alongside the legendary Ruff Cut Band who have worked with some of the leading lights in reggae for over 20 years.

With support from some of the leading DJ’s including Robbo Ranx, Seani B, David Rodigan and Big John in the UK, the K-OSS movement is gathering pace and plans to get even bigger this year.

With an exciting array of releases ahead, a brand new live album and special appearances. Releasing two music videos from the EP including ’Tail I Twist’ and ‘Rag In A Road’, both receiving more than 60,000 views on social platforms in their first 2 weeks.

Like a breath of fresh air within the reggae industry, look out for K-OSS on an outlet near you soon!


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