Video Alert! International Reggae Artist #Taffari “Christian Soldiers” by @WorldAReggae Label

International Reggae artist Taffari has recently released the visual for his international reggae hit “Christian Soldiers” on World A Reggae Records “Black Sword Riddim”. Produced by Boris “Taffari” Silvera and Guiseppe “Big Finga” Coppola, and mixed by Anthony “Al” Graham, “Christian Soldiers” is the second single released on the World A Reggae Records Label.

The inspirational conscious reggae song holds special meaning to Taffari, the artist shared the inspiration by stating “It was a time in my life, a point in my life where i was going through some hard times, where everything around me crumble, all friends, everything disappear from my life. Seen and i seek refuge within this book called the bible. And in there i found comfort, i realize i could identify myself with words, within this book i could identify myself, and i learn that this John, James, David and all these people been through some of the same things i was going through at the time, so i could easily identify myself in the book, and all i did was apply their teachings to i an i life and the very words of this book lead me from where i was to where i am today. So if you listen to the song Christian Soldiers, it says on word, on word.. it simply means I’m traveling on words, i am not traveling by foot, i’m not travelling by my feet.”

Christian Soldiers” was filmed and edited by Danny Creatah and single available now on iTunes.


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