New Music #SonsieX “Love Nest”

Contributed Article – Sonsie Bell or Sonsie X, as she is more popularly known by her fans, hails from the community of Kansas City, MO, USA. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Barton and New York City, she has experienced the beautiful diversity of Reggae culture that now captivates and plays such an important role in her life. Sonsie credits her poetic inspiration to her love of God, her family and Reggae music. She views Reggae’s ability to bridge cultural divides, empower individuals and communities, raise social awareness and promote togetherness as an invaluable tool necessary to encourage, educate and heal today’s society.

Sonsie X is inspired by her experiences to aspire for greatness. She wants to have a lasting impact on her children, her community and the many people of the world, inspiring and showing them that glass ceilings are to be shattered, stereotypes challenged and dreams to be achieved. Her motivation is to use her poetic talent and musical passion to be a mother of many dreamers and achievers. She credits Maya Angelou for showing her the might of the pen and Bob Marley for proving that nothing can break down barriers as efficiently as reggae music.

Sonsie’s single, The Love Nest, has taken root with many. With its sultry, seductive, and powerful lyrics, It’s creative approach to spoken word, blends roots and culture reggae with primal. It is absolutely enchanting and beautifully captivating. In Special Announcement she urgently draws attention towards a social injustice that is finally receiving overdue attention. Its raw lyrics and her staccato delivery highlight the need for immediate and proactive change. Sonsie has also been afforded the opportunity to work alongside other talented artistes. She is meticulously working with Kevin Payday Austin Green on her debut album, which will include her aforementioned singles.

Sonsie believes that in her poetry she will convey the beauty of a life lived in freedom, purpose and service. A message that will help to shape the thought processes of many and have a lasting impact on the future generations. This is not surprising as she is grounded by her love of God, inspired by her family and driven by her dreams. She wants her message to reflect her life and her life to be enhanced by her message. Look out world!!


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