Dancehall artiste Xellent promoting “Never Gonna Let You Go” (@Queenie_Mia)


Contributed Article – The newest artiste on the scene, Xellent, is ready to take the world by storm with his latest single “Never Gonna Let You Go.” As the title suggests, the song speaks about the artiste expressing his love interest and tells the woman that he is pursuing, that he is never going to let go. The single was produced by Xellent Records and was released March 2016. “Never Gonna Let You Go” has been gaining traction in Jamaica and the UK.

“Some people say they like it as it sound like a cross over song, dancehall/R&B where it’s a love and dance song,” said Xellent.

The artiste has plans on doing a video for this single later this year and the song is will be available for purchase on iTunes and CD Baby as of April 2016.

Xellent is currently busy in the studio working on his new single titled “Another Youth Die”

“I have been working overtime on the promotional aspect because this is the side that wasn’t getting the attention,” said Xellent.

Xellent recently performed at Margaritaville and Ocean 11 in Ocho Rios.


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