Reggae Artist #ORieL Releases “Confidence” EDM and Dubstep International Remixes

In 2015 to rave reviews and in an unprecedented event for reggae music, international reggae artist ORieL released 2 EPs on the same day “Confidence 2.0” and “Love SoulJah” EPs.

The original breakthrough single Confidence written by ORieL himself and co-produced by his Afar Music Group label mate Lloyd ”Cookie” Willacy, was remastered for the EP by acclaimed Grammy nominated UK producer Daniel Boyle for the “Confidence 2.0″ EP and reflects the artist approach to life, ”Confidence’ means everything to me, it is the driving force that fuels motivation and help to move a thought from an idea to a reality.” said ORieL in a previous release to the media.

Amid the world’s trouble, Afar Music Group decided to breath new air in the single to reinforce the powerful message and release the remixes to satisfy all musical taste. AMG CEO explained “ORieL’s song Confidence in its original form was already a song that connects with the listener on a day to day level. ”Without confidence your twice defeated in the race of life” once said Marcus Garvey”. He further added “While ORieL sings ”No no dem nah, Dem nah go tek my strength, No dem nah, destroy my confidence”. We wanted to introduce the message from the song to an audience that might not necessarily be listening to reggae; a rebirth if you will to a most need mantra, ”Confidence”.

Confidence Remixes done by ORieL, Brent ‘Tremma Masado and Ludwig include an EDM and Dubstep version.


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