New Video @OrishaSound “Rewind”

Contributed Article – Orisha Sound is a band based out of Kingston, Jamaica. The project, led by charismatic artist Orisha, who found inspiration for her unique blend of sound comes from genres as diverse as reggae, electronica, World and R&B, as the artist take advantage of her vast multi-instrumentalist skills (she can, in fact, play up to 15 instruments, DJ and produce).

Her songs echo the work of influential innovators such as Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Prince and more.
The strength of Orisha’s vision is the way the energy of the tracks combines with the thought-provoking lyrical flow, bridging the gaps between the warmth of the old school and the impact of modern production aesthetics.

When not singing her heart out through a microphone, Orisha spends time working as an educator and motivator for the benefit of youth all over the world.

Orisha Sound recently released a music video for “Rewind”, off the album “1REGGAE”. The song was produced by Shel-K with Orisha, performing majority of the instruments on the track.


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