Grammy Winning Reggae Bass Player Veron “Koxx” (@Akakoxx) Dinnall Releases New Music Video

Contributed Article – Veron Dinnall AKA KOXX is a Grammy-winning Reggae bass player who has played with some of the best Reggae artists of Jamaica and the world over. He tours with Alpha Blondy’s backing band The Solar System, and he performed as a bass player for Morgan Heritage’s 2015 album Strictly Roots, which won a Grammy in 2016 for Best Reggae Album.

KOXX’s first album, “A New Day ,” was released in 2009, and his latest album, “True Destiny,” is a well polished masterpiece. Comprised of 12 songs recorded live in the UK, Jamaica and France, this classic roots Reggae album shows the development of the artist that KOXX has become… singer, songwriter, composer, musician extraordinaire.

He was born in Clarendon, Jamaica, to a musical family. All his uncles played the guitar and were singers in their own right. Music was part of his life from an early age.

KOXX was given his first bass guitar by his high school music teacher, who saw his musical interest. He would go on to represent his school at numerous concerts and school functions. KOXX and some of his classmates were about to become the core of a new generation of up and coming Jamaican musicians soon to change the face of Reggae worldwide.


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