Reggae Artists Beware: A Media Scammer by the Name of Andrew Lee Price is on the Prowl

Andrew Lee Price

Andrew Lee Price

Contributed Article – Just when one thinks scamming has avoided touching certain industries, your wrong. Even the media is being impacted by scammers. The latest scammer, who goes by the name of Andrew Lee Price of REP-VIBZ radio show on Jamaica’s Bless FM radio station, is targeting unsuspecting Reggae artists. In the radio host’s latest ploy, he promises to secure Reggae artists interview/performance slots on leading TV entertainment programs based in Jamaica. Popular Reggae singer Ras Slick is the prowler’s latest victim.

While Ras Slick is making waves in the media with his new music and latest ventures by his own merits, the passionate singer, couldn’t help but find Andrew Lee Price’s pitch and promise to be genuine. So, after radio show Andrew Lee Price guaranteed that he could secure Ras Slick a spot on a leading Jamaica-based TV entertainment program, the singer jumped at the opportunity, sending a payment to Price via Western Union. Unbeknownst to Ras Slick, Price did not have the connection to the program that he vehemently pitched, leaving Ras Slick without his money and an interview/performance in Jamaica recently.

Ras Slick

Ras Slick

Upon contacting the TV program’s well known host, Ras Slick learned that Price has absolutely no affiliation to the show nor power to take money for bookings. The apologetic TV show host was disgusted, seeking to determine how this could happen. Ras Slick has been promised his money back by Andrew Lee Price on several different occasions, yet his payment to this date has not been returned. While the Ras Slick team is very much driven by positive vibes and energy, it was only fair for this information to be shared with the larger Reggae music fraternity, so that others can avoid being duped by Price.

The Ras Slick team encourages all to be very leery of Price and others who request money to make interviews and appearances happen. With Ras Slick’s blossoming career, the team is confident that through his own measures, the singer will have a legitimately secured performance on the show in the near future. Ras Slick just wrapped up a stellar concert at the “Green Festival” in Washington, DC, which attracted over 20,000 people and a concert with the legendary deejay Sista Nancy in Maryland. The singer’s current song “Humanity” on the “Red Gold Riddim” continues to get love from radio and Reggae music lovers.


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