Jamaican Artiste #IndieAllen Set To Release New Single Each Week Off “Indie Moment” EP

Contributed Article by June26 – With the new release of his debut EP titled “Indie Moment”, rising Reggae-Pop singer Indie Allen will be releasing a new track each week for the next four weeks via Soundcloud. The objective, which is to gain new fans and shed individual light on each of the four songs from the EP, will bring forward new interest to his intriguing sound that is 100% original on a worldwide scale. Enhancing the use of social media, Indie Allen will be engaging his current and soon to be fans with behind the scenes clips on the making of his music.

The first song released is titled “I’ve Been Waiting” which was produced by J Twist, has been appealing to many people with the captivating catchy lyrics and easy to rock to sound. “The first comment I heard was that this song sounds like a hit, and it appeals to the international audience.” Indie says.

He has been growing with confidence getting many positive comments and reactions about his music since the release of his EP on May 19th.
The following song is scheduled to release on Monday June 13th.


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