New Video – “Light Up” Sammy Wilk & Ky-Mani Marley

Contributed Article – Nebraska native Sammy Wilk teams up with,Ky-Mani Marley, Grammy-nominated vocalist/songwriter/producer, reggae-royal, son of Reggae King: Bob Marley. Collaborative track ” Light Up” off of Sammy’s Ready For War LP, features Ky-Mani as the both blends the pop, reggae and hip-hop elements for the song and music video.

Exotic, aesthetically luxurious tropical locations alternating with real urban hangouts in Jamaica and Miami allow a strong visual sense of how Sammy Wilk’s first visit impacted him…explained, “My favorite experience about the whole thing was really just being able to vibe with Ky-Mani and get some cool shots together. All of the shots in Jamaica were obviously a lot of fun because the shots we got were really just wrapping up my experience in Jamaica. Showing the scenery, the people I met, things of that sort.” Ky-mani added, “Sammy is just a really talented humble person so the entire process was a joy.”

This collaboration is one of many, featured on recent his debut pop/reggae album ‘Ready For War.’ The 13-track project features other collaborations including up-coming artist Jack& Jack, also from Nebraska; Sabrino Antoinette and Mac Marley; along with popular tracks “Could Be,” “Aye Ma,” and of course title track, “Ready For War”.

Be on the look out for Sammy Wilk on Digi Summer ‘Ready For War’ Tour in August 2016. His proven strong social media influence demands that this emerging musician travel especially now around the country with his band promoting his debut album.
Tour Dates for Sammy Wilk’s Digitour Summer:
8/07/2016 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8/08/2016 – Detroit, Michigan
8/09/2016 – Chicago, Illinois
8/10/2016 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
8/12/2016 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
8/13/2016 – Fargo, North Dakota
8/14/2016 – Des Moines, Iowa
8/16/2016 – Denver, Colorado
8/17/2016 – Salt Lake City, Utah
8/19/2016 – Seattle, Washington
8/20/2016 – Boise, Idaho
8/21/2016 – Portland, Oregon
8/22/2016 – Sacramento, California
8/23/2016 – San Francisco, California


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