#RagingFyah Sizzling Summer Single “Dash Wata” Added to VP Records Reggae Gold 2016

Amid the throws of a successful American tour, self contained Reggae band Raging Fyah sizzling summer hit “Dash Wata” has been blazing the airwaves and added to VP Records popular compilation “Reggae Gold 2016”.

Off the band’s third studio album “Everlasting“, the light, flirty and melodious summer anthem has received tremendous positive feedback and has now taken it’s place on the world’s #1 Caribbean music compilation Reggae Gold who for over 20 years has brought the genre’s top hits into one must-have collection for music lovers.

Dash Wata.” It’s a relaxed, practically euphoric song that could easily be used by the Jamaican Tourist Board for one of those enticing “Visit Jamaica” type of commercials.” – ThePier

Remember when Jamaica airlines remade Bob Marley’s One Love song? “Come to Jamaica and feel alright”. Listening to Dash Wata I felt as if I was on a beach in Jamaica Sipping on a Red Stripe… You know, real deal authentic Jamaican music. ” – IAmTheIndustry

Reggae Gold 2016 by VP Records is available worldwide (https://va.lnk.to/RG2016). “Let’s go for a walk Down by the river side Let’s go for ride.. Ill take you to the mountain side Baby give your hand.. I will take the lead talk… We can talk bout the birds and the trees I’d like to give you a squeeze…” – Dash Wata


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