#Jahmiel Release New Video for Single off his Upcoming album Khemistry

With his focus now geared around the creative aspect of his debut album, titled Khemistry, Jahmiel has premiered the video for his first single “Years To Come” on his YouTube Account today. With the single not yet released, Jahmiel and his team decided to release the video first allowing listeners to capture the essence of the song through the eyes of the artist – Jahmiel.

Produced by Quantanium Records/Patriotz Muzic, written by Jahmiel, ‘Years To Come’ speaks directly to the youths who are faced with persons telling them “they can’t”, or “they won’t”.

“As youths and adults, words can get us distracted or lose our focus from the greater picture or achieving our goal. That is why I say ” Never get distracted nor lose my focus” in the song. Sometimes the negative words or actions may have us question our dream. It takes a strong mind to persevere and push to your goal especially when faced with naysayers or unplanned life obstacles. Just remember Years to Come, you will look back and say I did it” says Jahmiel.

The single ‘Years to Come’ – not yet released is dedicated to the many Jahmiel fans who day to day, via social media, thank him for being an inspiration and look up to him when they feel defeated on their journey.

The video highlights different scenarios of youths who overcome their obstacles in life and succeed at their dream. In the video you will see a young girl who despite being pregnant at a young age becomes a nurse. In another scene you will see a young Jahmiel, played by his younger brother, who is shunned by people in the music industry and still persevere years later to become a well known artist. With several other inspiring scenarios, including cameo from billboard selector Boom Boom, Warrior Films definitely captured the vision behind this single.


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