#IleyChardavid has “Unleashed” New Album

Contributed Article – The single SMILE, written by Colin Levy aka Iley Chardavid, is distributed by VPAL Records and Kings of Kings Publishing world wide. Currently the single SMILE is in rotation on VIBE105 Toronto’s Urban Alternative Radio Station and is charting number #9 this week on the Rebel Vibez Canadian Reggae Chart.

Iley Chardavid as a musician and song writer often finds himself inspired by the needs of the people. Having written the song SMILE, focusing on how important a person’s smile is in life and romance, he also could relate to the children born with a debilitating cleft pallet and how they could smile on the inside but not on the outside. Through his encounters with media explaining the promotion of the new album UNLEASHED and the first single SMILE, it was brought to his attention the charity “Operation Smile”. As a result of the new found knowledge and the buzz being created around the new single, Iley has decided to donated the proceeds from the single SMILE to the charity, “Operation Smile”. Iley has a mission with he is new single he calls “Smile for Smiles” to attempt to raise awareness of the difference Operation Smile charity makes to children by giving these special children the surgery they need so they can show their smiles from the heart that otherwise could not on the outside.


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