Soca Artist #LilSlick lands TV Distribution deal with UPN 9 #Caribbean The Vibez Right

Submitted Article – With little over a decade in the U.S., Lil Slick has been grinding for his place in the industry ever since he touched American soil. After forming a record label with his cousin, Lil Slick recorded his first song, “In the Club”. After a huge momentum from the first single, he performed his hits at a Brooklyn block party.

After recording songs like, “Set the Hood on Fire”, “Remember Our Love”, and “When She Wine”, Lil Slick had amassed enough material to start performing at local showcases in NYC and Long Island. His grind on the dancehall scene has afforded him the opportunity to perform up and down the east coast and back to Trinidad.

Currently, Lil Slick can be found on the intro to Ride With Me TV. Ride With Me TV has been airing on WWOR TV My 9 for several years. With a digital reach nearing one million viewers per week in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area; this new platform is a great showcase for Lil Slick!


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