#IrishAndChin Stage Japan’s First Internaional Sound Clash


Contributed Article – Sound clash takes Japan! As the exciting Jamaican music art form continues to spark the attention of audiences worldwide, promoters Irish and Chin have staged Japan’s very first international, commercial sound clash competition. Hosted by the widely acclaimed and world renowned Mighty Crown sound system, the thrilling “Japan Rumble” sound clash attracted a cool 2,000 people to a swank Yokohama venue at the end of October. Featured in the “Japan Rumble” was a stellar cohort of sounds that have been “making noise” on Japan’s rising clash circuit. Wowing the massive crowd were Blast Star, Emperor, Fujiyama, King Jam and Sweetsop. Joining the ranks of “Rumble” champions is the red-hot sound system Fujiyama, who out-classed their competition through out the night, winning the inaugural “Japan Rumble.” Notably, Fujiyama’s prize is a slot in the coveted World Clash 2017.

Calling the clash competitive is an understatement! Whether through piercing, targeted speeches or custom dubs, the contenders brilliantly mastered the sound culture’s competitive spirit. Speaking in predominately Japanese, a few English words surfaced periodically. But the beautiful thing about music, is that it is the universal language. So regardless of what language one speaks, big tunes and dubs speak for themselves. Music was certainly the driving force, as the sounds dropped hard-hitting selections for their diverse, massive catalogues. There were very few low points in the inaugural “Japan Rumble.” Japan Rumble’s crowd was hype, but remained fair through out the clash. The competing sounds did a great job connected with the audience.


“Over the years, Japan has been a large supporter of Reggae and Dancehall music and sound system culture, which I believe gives them the right to a Rumble playoff,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin. “In an effort to continue Japan’s representation in the international arena, we decided to reach for the next generation of sound clashers via our Rumble series. The ultimate goal of the “Rumble” series is to keep the industry young, fresh and vibrant by the ushering of new talent.”

In addition to Japan Rumble, Irish and Chin has “Rumble” stagings pegged for Canada , the United Kingdom, Caribbean and the United States. The qualifying clashes allow the talent and skills of promising sounds to be showcased to mass audiences. “Rumble” series winners gain the ultimate exposure by competing in World Clash. Up Next is Canada Rumble at La Victoria on January 28, 2017.


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