Holiday Greetings from #ArrestedDevelopment

Contributed Article –

Some of the AD Family members were asked what makes Christmas special to them.  Here is what they said:

Speech – Around Christmas my house becomes magical!  It’s all about the crackling sound of golden flames in our fire place, a warm & toasty living room with family and friends

Tasha LaRae – I especially love the Christmas season because of the excitement and energy in the air.  There’s a heightened sense of thoughtfulness and compassion towards others that makes me feel there’s a little more hope for the world to be a better place

JJ Boogie – What makes Christmas special to me is the time spent with family and friends.  I love thinking back on all the years past remembering all those special moments and also the wonderful music that you only get to listen to once a year.  But most of all, what makes it so special is that it’s the day many set to celebrate and remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

Eric Dozier – The tangible feeling of love, compassion, and generosity are what make the season bright for me.  I’m always filled with the expectation of miracles!  Being surrounded by my family and friends is EVERYTHING!!!


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