#JustSecondsApart Release New Single & Video “Like The Ocean”

Contributed Article – At only 17 years old, Arizona-born triplets Sela, Ari, and Alex are giving sibling groups a new meaning. In addition to being a vocally-talented trio, they each have their own personal identity accompanied with their unique instruments of choice, which has crafted their unique indie-pop sound: Sela with the drums, Ari with the electric guitar, and Alex with the keys and bass. Hailing from their humble beginnings on YouTube, covering songs by artists such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, One Direction, and others, they now release their newest original single & video “Like The Ocean.”

Since releasing their self-titled debut EP “Just Seconds Apart” in 2015, the group has evolved their sound and grown much closer as a band, citing inspirations such as The Police & Genesis. “Like The Ocean” is an organic-sounding track that highlights the individual strengths of each group member. About the inspiration behind the new single, JSA explain, “it’s about experiencing something that gets you down, and being able to pick yourself up to continue moving forward… seeing the good in every situation and turning a negative into a positive.”

Just Seconds Apart is all about incorporating positivity into their music and giving back to society where they can. Every year on Valentine’s Day, they donate stuffed animals to the young patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This annual event is eagerly anticipated not only by hospital patients and staff but by the band as well.

Having already received recognition from notable publications and tastemakers including MTV, SiriusXM, and most recently, a 4-page spread in Luca Magazine, the sky is truly the limit for this young trio.
Keep an eye out for up coming shows and appearances….


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