#Mace Says “Watch Out”


Submitted – New York based Dancehall artiste Mace, who most fans remember as the artiste who almost went blind after attempting to tattoo his eyes, is back on the music scene with a fresh approach.
Mace is currently promoting his single “Watch Out” which was produced by TrueLoyal Records. “The single is a reflection of how I feel towards society. Many people will try to bring negativity in your path and slow you down when they see you on the road to success” Said the artiste. Since its release on July 17, 2016, “Watch Out” has gained over 20,000 streams online and Mace says he is overjoyed with the feedback.

“I released the single and the video the same day and it’s a joy to see positive comments each time I visit YouTube. It’s a great turnaround from all the negativity that was surrounding my brand before” He explained.

Mace shared that bringing forth positive music is a strategic way to help the younger generation stay focused on what is important.

“The song is showing a different side of me and so far radio stations in New York can’t get enough of it. I will be in Jamaica soon on a small promotional tour and the fans are eager to see what I am coming with this time around” said Mace.

The artiste also shared that he has multiple projects working on for 2017 with Kiprich, Lenky Records and a few producers in St.Lucia and Africa.


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