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Internet Providers Launch Controversial Copyright Alert System To Prevent Illegal Downloading Goes On Line

(AllHipHop News) Nearly fifteen years after the file sharing program Napster forever changed the way music is consumed, the entertainment industry hopes they have finally found an effective method to slow down U.S. citizens from illegally downloading copyrighted material. Read the rest of this entry

Check Out This Proof of Concept Documentary on Texting while Driving by University Students in Jamaica

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Mike Tyson Sues Live Nation Company for Embezzlement

mike tyson

Geez, The Huffington Post reports that Mike Tyson sued a financial services firm owned by Live Nation Entertainment on Wednesday, claiming one of its advisers embezzled more than $300,000 from the former heavyweight champ and cost him millions more in lost earnings. Read the rest of this entry

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Welcome Son Sebastian Taylor


According to several reports, The rapper who is 25, and his fiancée Amber Rose welcomed their first child, son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, on Thursday, Feb. 21, the proud dad — born Cameron Thomaz – announced via Twitter. Read the rest of this entry

Canada Says NO to Uncle Demon

According to reports, Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta was recently denied his visa application into Canada, causing Canadian promoters to cancel their event in which he was expected to headline. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Sorta…Kinda… Unveils The PlayStation 4

*sigh* DMX Arrested Again, This Time In South Carolina


At this point I feel no sympathy what so ever for DMX, it’s not even the drugs or stress, it’s simply that he doesn’t want to change or he has a “friend” back in jail that he is dying to go back to. Granted it was only for driving without a license BUT the law says you need a license, so if you take a chance, then you know you can face fines and arrest, and in your case c’mon son! Aren’t you on various probations and paroles? DMX was arrested on February 12th in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He was booked, saw the judge and kept it moving. I am sure I will have some updates soon

Marques Houston Gets Restraining Order Against Raz-B

what is going on here, whatever happened to those cute little boys from Immature O_o I’ve heard the Raz B account where he talks about molestation and things *sigh* Can’t we all just get along? Although IF those accusations have merit tan I can understand all the pain Raz B has bottled up

TMZ, reports that Houston and Raz B (real name De’Mario Thornton) have been feuding since the middle of last year. According to docs filed by Houston last month, the feud began when Raz posted a video online accusing Houston of molesting him when he was a child(a claim Houston has denied). Read the rest of this entry

Tommy Lee Sparta the Evanescence of Dancehall – Gaza Metamorphism.


His unconventional rise to fame brought him immense popularity coupled with backlash from various cross section of the Jamaican society as his unorthodox persona failed to sit well with the majority of “ Christianized Jamaican masses”. Read the rest of this entry

International Dancehall Artist Mavado Allegedly Bribed State Officials For Visa


Via WashingtonExaminer – A U.S. State Department law enforcement officer has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes to help a “well-known” Jamaican musician gain a visa to enter the United States, federal prosecutors in Alexandria said. David J. Rainsberger, an officer with the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, admitted to unlawfully receiving watches worth thousands of dollars and other gifts while stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. Rainsberger also admitted to making false statements to the U.S. government on a national security questionnaire. Read the rest of this entry

Hillary Clinton For President?

hillary clinton

I stumbled across this article which i felt reflected a stance and bared solely truth in it innocence. I’ve always supported Mrs. Clinton even before we had a Black President, as i felt she would be able to lead not just America, but it allies as well in a path which would have beneficial results for all. Though she wasnt succesful to out Obama in his quest to become president, her resilience, expertise and a love for country and not party has paved the way now for her to become the next president of United States of America. Read the rest of this entry

Warm Welcome To New York For Jamaica’s Special Olympics Team

The team shows off their TJB hats and gift bags while posing with TJB Executives

The team shows off their TJB hats and gift bags while posing with TJB Executives – Photos: Colin Reid

Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) extended a warm welcome to the Jamaica Special Olympic Team on their arrival in New York, Thursday evening en route to the 2013 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The team was met at the Departure Terminal (Korean Airline) by Team Jamaica Bickle Executives Lance Clarke, CFO, Mr. Dalton Evans, Coach and Ms. Andrea Daley, Pro. Read the rest of this entry