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  1. Blessed love Linda did go on today

  2. how do i submitt my song?

  3. That one of things that seperate me from all those entertainers that nobody knows who they are they dont know how to promote there self cats get somebody that dont no anything about the industry somebody on the street told them they was nice they dont know every upcoming artist bigtime Entertainer Promoters across The Music Planet listen to artist that make beats and raps most of every beat sound the same the raps all sound a same u can come up with One Hit and be remembered as a One Hit Wonder to create Something New u got to go back to the basics u have to have a ear for the music and u have 2 out do the most famous Artist u cant sound like the Artist thats Hot Right Now u got to be better them him or Her All these artist with gimmicks and punchlines Real Talent gets paid TRuth

  4. How I know if I won the live stream for sting..?

  5. karindellarocca

    we need u here in swiss,,,,,,,,,,,,

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